Joy abounding!

Thursday was so beautiful in The Lord as we gathered to father with anticipation of which i spoke last post. I had organised some gorgeous fabric swathes, hemmed them and took them to the Meeting. Placing them in the centre of the room, we stood around in a circle and prayed over them, asking The Lord to show us what characteristic of His was represented by the fabric.

Each woman chose a piece of material and themes were Holy Spirit inspired. Red Chiffon became the Fire of God, the yellow was Joy, the silver was Purity, representing the Refiner’s effect on silver, reflecting holiness. The bronze chiffon became Grace, the yellow and gold is now the I Am, representing the fact that He is The Lord over this great Southland of the Spirit. Purple is His Majesty, His regality: all of these in themselves are just pieces of material, but to name and annoint them with oil is very significant and brings to the front of our minds the nature and characteristics of our God. He is HOLY.

Worship on Thursday was full of joy and abandon and grace and love and power! His annointing was released. Praise Him, praise His Holy Name!


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